We take your data seriously

Our Privacy Policy

(Last updated 1st Feb 2019)

Our number one priority is to build the greatest personal goal management system in the world.

In order to do so we would love to work with all our users to constantly improve our software. We save your email address on registration for the following internal purposes:

  • To use as a unique identifier so you can log in to your personalised account.
  • As a means of communication to reach out for feedback on the app.

We do have integrations with a few carefully selected few third party services to manage the following features:


We use Stripe.com (click for link) to manage all the payment subsciptions. Stripe is the new standard in online payments and processes billions of dollars per year by some of the most well-known internet businesses.

We decided to use stripe for their fantastic security and developer documentation. This means that we, Jascro Technologies, never see or save your credit card details in our database. Instead this is all held securely by stripe. As such if there was ever a breach in SuccessOnTap's security your payment details would not be exposed.

As an identifying piece of information Stripe accepts your email address to assign to your card details but would never send an email to you nor would they pass this data on.

Email Marketing

We use Mailchimp.com (click for link) to manage our email mailing lists

Mailchimp makes it easy to send pretty emails to multiple recipients. As such we store all our users' email addresses on Mailchimp's system. Almost every company these days will use a similar email marketing service.

User tracking

Having recently met with some marketing gurus they recommended us to track visitors to our website with facebook pixels. This allows us to get in touch via ads with visitors who have previously expressed an interest but didnt leave their email if we decide to release a new product of feature.

Although we have not yet implemented this it is something we plan on implementing over the coming weeks.

And finally..

We will never share your email address with any other third party nor will we spam you with other people's products. Every communication will be to help you get the most out of SuccessOnTap. Whether this is highlighting new features, getting to know the team or asking about what features you would like to see.

You can email us any time at SuccessOnTap@JascroTechnologies.com if you would like to be removed from any or all communications or if you would like to view or delete all the information associated with you on our database.

If we are compelled by law to disclose information, then we will comply with such orders.

We reserve the right to update this policy at any time. This may be required as our business develops and grows. We will send an email out to our list when these changes are made.

Thank you!

The SuccessOnTap Team!